PeacePsalm Prayer Gardens
WELCOME TO PeacePsalm Prayer Gardens
Peace Psalm LLC is dedicated to praising our Lord, Jesus Christ.  The gardens have three major features:

       (1)  lodging cabins as well as a prayer chapel for Christian leaders (clergy and business)
             to be still and one with God; 
       (2)  herb grove with a small building to bundle herbs as well as make prayer oils.  Small private or guided
             tours will be available; and 
       (3) public prayer garden with trails, outdoor chapel and a small gift shop​

The children's adventure series of The Adventures of Cowgirl Amy  and The Adventures of Explorer Bobby the Fourth are available at any bookstore as well as the small Peace Psalm Garden gift shop.    

The Prayer Gardens are currently under construction. We will share the progress with you along the way! Currently fencing is under way!​
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